Prof. Charalampos (Babis) Papamanthou (ECE, UMIACS, MC2)

Email: cpap at umd.edu
Office: IRIBE 5224
Office hours: By appointment

Teaching Assistant

Ioannis Demertzis

Email: yannis at umd.edu
Office: TBA
Office hours: TBA


  • Lectures will be held on Monday and Wednesday from 12:30pm to 1:45pm in IRIBE 5165.
  • Discussions and labs will be held on Tuesday and Thursday respectively from 1pm to 1:50pm in AVW 1442.
  • The exam material will consist of (i) notes to be taken during lectures; (ii) reading material to be published on this webpage; (iii) material covered in discussions and labs.
  • Homework and programming assignments will be published on this webpage, but should be submitted through Canvas. No late submissions will be accepted (except for medical reasons for which documentation must be provided).
  • Read and strictly adhere to academic integrity.
  • Discussions will be managed on Canvas. Please do use the discussions on Canvas and do not email the instructor or the TA individually with course-related questions.
  • Course prerequisites: ENEE150/CMSC132 and ENEE244 (the course will have a significant programming component).